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Stepping Stones

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Joey Co. Custom Kids' Stepping Stones make a fun and versatile addition to any playroom. Kids' stepping stones can be used to: 
- Spell out your child's name 
- Teach your little one letters, numbers or shapes
- Help develop balance and fine motor skills

With these custom wood stepping stones, you can up-level "floor is lava" games or create epic obstacle courses by setting them up between play couches, pillows, or other Montessori toys like our introductory balance beam or wooden climbing triangle.


- All kids' stepping stone orders are custom made, and processing time will be 10-15 business days.
- If ordering a name, we will reach out after the order to confirm the name that you want printed on your kids' stepping stone set.

7.75" Diameter
1" Thick (3/4" wood and 1/4" rubber feet)

- Kids' stepping stones provide endless combinations with other Montessori toys
- Lightweight, easy to handle and stackable for easy storage
- Clear rubber feet provide anti-slip grip
- Built in Houston, TX from hand-sanded, natural birch plywood
- Designs are screen printed for added durability
- Great for both indoor and outdoor use

- Names: Customize any combination of letters to spell your child's first, middle, last or full name. Note: If the listing doesn't have the number of letters you need, please reach out to us directly for a quote.
- Shapes: Six classic shapes with their corresponding title under each one. (HEART, DIAMOND, CIRCLE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, STAR).
- Numbers: Number 0 through 9, for a total of 10 kids' stepping stones.
- Full Alphabet: This set comes with a total of 26 stepping stones - one for every letter of the alphabet.