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Large Kids Craft Table with Built-in Sensory Bins

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Joey Co. is excited to introduce ultimate crafting and play experience! Our large kids craft table with built-in sensory bins is designed to ignite creativity and endless fun for your little ones. Crafted with sturdy materials and ample space, this table is the perfect canvas for art projects, sensory exploration, games, and imaginative play. The built-in sensory bins offer a multi-sensory experience, allowing children to engage with various textures and materials while unleashing their creativity. Whether they're painting, sculpting, or diving into sensory play, this versatile table provides a dedicated space for all their creative endeavors. With its durable construction and thoughtful design, our craft table is sure to be a beloved addition to any playroom or classroom, inspiring hours of joyful crafting and exploration.

Key Product Attributes:
➼ Multifunctional table that can be used for all the activities your child does. Eating, arts, crafts, games, surface for toys, etc.
➼ Supports a Montessori life and teaching principles to allow children to learn and accomplish tasks on their own.
➼ Beautiful minimalist design from natural hardwood plywood.
➼ Sanded smooth to eliminate the risk of splinters.
➼ Quick assembly
➼ Zero usage of toxic chemicals. We sand the wood to make sure it is safe for children.

Other Information:
🛑 POWER DRILL IS RECOMMEND FOR ASSEMBLY. It can be completed with a screw driver, but it is much more difficult.
🛑 Since this is made from wood, color variations could occur between each individual piece.
🛑 Items will be flat-packed and require some level of assembly. Usage of a power drill is recommend for ease of assembly.
🛑 Recommend for children of all ages.
🛑 Chairs can be added as part of the bundle. They will be shipped and fulfilled from a 3rd party company. The chairs are not a Joey Co. product.

Ultimate Kids Table:
30" x 47" w/ two height options of 17" or 21"