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Natural Wooden Montessori Clothing Rack

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Joey Co. created this beautiful Montessori Closet and Book shelf system with your child's development in mind. It is the perfect height for children of all ages and will help foster an environment where they can continue to learn to be self-sufficient and keep developing skills that will help them throughout their life. This is a great product to help your child learn to keep their special spaces organized.

Our beautiful design minimizes straight lines to allow for a more stylish bedroom, playroom, living room, or any room you decide to put this in. Your toddler will be able to use the shelf to store books, clothes, shoes, toys and much more.

Key Product Attributes:
➼ Supports a Montessori life and teaching principles to allow children to learn and accomplish tasks on their own.
➼ Beautiful minimalistic design from natural hardwood plywood.
➼ Sanded smooth to eliminate the risk of splinters.
➼ Quick assembly
➼ Zero usage of toxic chemicals.

Other Information:
🛑 Since this is made from wood, color variations could occur between each individual piece.
🛑 Items will be flat-packed and require some level of assembly. Usage of a power drill is recommend for ease of assembly.
🛑 Recommend for children of all ages.
🛑 Additional shipping charge of $30 per package to customers located in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.


4 Tier Long Shelf -
31 inches wide x 32 inches tall x 14 inches deep

4 Tier Short Shelf -
23 inches wide x 32 inches tall x 14 inches deep

3 Tier Long Shelf -
31 inches wide x 23.5 inches tall x 14 inches deep